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The three quarter of the liquor industry, a dragon and a tiger in combat is more intense

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Abstract:Moutai performance surge shui jing fang high profile price increase industry personage -In the third quarter, the

Moutai performance surge shui jing fang high profile price increase industry personage -
In the third quarter, the "dragon competition" in the liquor industry was more intense
      [network] China liquor Moutai again before the punishment of 32 illegal dealers, the newly published reporting the results of an increase of 24.38%, industry insiders say the price and volume control prices under the strategy in the great game of chess "; while Shuijingfang suddenly announced a high profile in early August will be price increase, the continuation of" rising tide of liquor". Two markets, liquor plate yesterday afternoon upside, a number of liquor stocks closed up.
  The industry believes that the liquor industry in the third quarter will be more intense now a dragon and a tiger in combat.
  This year set off a few waves "thorough investigation wind" Moutai again attack, recently and high-profile punishment 32 illegal dealers. Knowing and doing, wine strategy, marketing, trusteeship consulting chairman Liang Chao think, Moutai fined dealer or because prices rise too fast, the purpose is to seek supply and demand balance and quantity and price balance. However, according to Moutai group revealed that the reasons for the punishment are unrelated to Moutai flying price, and focused on personnel quality, day-to-day management, daily sales, customer service and so on.
   Moutai to dealer "carrot and stick"
  "Moutai penalties dealers seem to have become their management norm."." Our consulting general manager Niu Enkun said, Moutai to enter the "100 billion club", currently a Moutai dealer team uneven, penalties dealers to meet the needs of future development, but also on the two generation to strengthen training and guidance, so that the development of dealers and Moutai sync, the move is "carrot and stick".
  In the view of Chinese food industry commentator Zhu Danpeng, Moutai has been doing and put out the market, but also to share and control the amount insured of the strategy to pave the way, "Moutai this year first half of the performance, both the price and sales, are showing positive characteristics." Moutai reported that, in fact, the current revenue (including tax) 30 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 31.16%; total profit of 15 billion 518 million yuan, an increase of 24.38%.
  Most of the liquor business has not yet been announced, but Niu Enkun believes that Moutai can achieve little gains. He expected, compared with Moutai's growth Luzhou Lao Jiao cannot increase, "Luzhou Lao Jiao early in 2013 has been more than 10 billion yuan of scale, and then fell to 10 billion yuan, reached 8 billion 300 million yuan last year, now growth is only a resumption of growth."
   Liquor prices are not over yet
  Moutai outside the liquor companies are not idle". The day before yesterday, Shuijingfang announced a high profile in early August will be raised prices, the main high-end and high-end products collection, Jingtai, Zhen stuffed No. eight factory price rose 15 yuan per bottle, 10 yuan and 10 yuan, other products such as clothing, clothing, small fortune crystal wells have a certain rise.
  "Liquor, wine plate" is the general trend." Zhu Danpeng believes that Shuijingfang's first quarter report the beautiful performance, price is also taking advantage of the. He believes that the liquor price is not rational, the key channels, inventory and value orientation, "the two quarter results from structural price, rather than the demand price, whether the market is benign to see third quarter data."
  In the two market, Zhu Danpeng believes that although the recent Moutai stock price volatility, but does not affect the trend continues to rise, Moutai is expected to remain strong except Moutai flying, will continue to pull up other categories.
   "The winner will be announced at the end of the season
  Niu Enkun believes that the national top enterprises have already begun layout: "Moutai occupy the high-end position, on the other hand, the layout of the mass of Maotai liquor, in order to achieve the goal of 100 billion yuan Wuliangye moves frequently; efforts to narrow the gap with Moutai, a solid industry second place; the Yanghe River on the one hand, new wine rob, on the other hand to the process of internationalization; by analogy Lang Langjiu blue and white Moutai, one of the China wine sauce two big brands; Luzhou Lao Jiao also put forward the concept of Luzhou liquor, with the structure and layout of high and low products nationwide; in addition, Fen and gujinggong in the product structure and optimization according to the market adjust." He believes that the pattern of the national brand has become increasingly clear.
  Zhu Danpeng used the "accelerated years" to describe the market in 2017 third quarter, that is essential for the formation of a new market pattern, "the winner" still in suspense, and in the fourth quarter will be announced.
   Industry voice
  Liang Chao said that this year the Mid Autumn Festival will be for enterprises sobriety more than usual "tragic": "the national and provincial famous brand in addition to each other, will also be strong 'rolling' small and medium-sized wine enterprises, from the Mid Autumn Festival to 2018 New Year's day before the Spring Festival, more small wine enterprises to be eliminated."

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