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CCTV: Liquor season collective prices, non demand expansion due to rising costs

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Abstract:Liquor consumption off-season collective prices, non demand side expansion due to rising costs [Chinese liquor

Liquor consumption off-season collective prices, non demand side expansion due to rising costs
        [Chinese liquor net] consumption off-season but collective prices, liquor industry spring has come back?
  Hot summer, this should be the world of beer, but now the white wine to seize the limelight. With flying Moutai "no price city", "a bottle hard to find", Wuliangye market sales of high prices, and some high-end liquor and local wines have begun to stop goods, prices. Liquor consumption should be the off-season, why usher in a collective liquor prices?
  Reporters recently visited a large number of Shanghai super business and liquor retail stores, found that 53 degrees flying Moutai's marketing prices are mostly manufacturers guidance price of 1299 yuan, but there are no goods price. Compared to nearly 800 yuan in 2015, Moutai, up 500 yuan per bottle.
  Shanghai, a wine retail store owner: Flying Moutai out of stock for a long time, ask someone asked, someone is to be out of stock, not into the goods.
  Wine player enterprise management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Xu Zhenhua: 1299, this price is indeed in many places can not buy this product, the next line of a real price may be slightly higher than this price.
  Dealers have revealed that Moutai has been in short supply since 2017. As manufacturers to mark the price of red line, the market can only be marked price 1299 yuan, some dealers are not selling goods, Moutai sold the transaction price has been around 1500 yuan. In addition, Wuliangye's market price has returned to 900 yuan / bottle or so. Moutai and Wuliangye's strong, but also led to a batch of high-end liquor prices. Earlier this year, the Yanghe River shares announced that the blue sky, sky blue, the price per bottle raised 2 yuan, the dream blue series raised 10 yuan ~30 yuan. Tuopai group's three product will increase 20 yuan. It is the two price hike Langjiu in five days. Subsequently, Luzhou Lao Jiao has repeatedly announced that some product prices, and suspended Guo Jiao 1573 classic delivery etc.. Insiders said that the next high-end wine prices are not demand side expansion, but due to rising costs.
  Game player wine enterprise management (Shanghai) Limited company deputy general manager Xu Zhenhua: a supply of raw materials of wine packaging, this one, including logistics and transport costs, including wages of staff costs, are in a rising year by year, so the rising costs led to a rising trend of many liquor, for our dealers, we not only increase in the profits, we may even reduce profits. Insiders said that with the gradual increase in the level of consumer power, China's liquor production, sales have been two digit growth, the liquor industry has been fully recovered.
  Shanghai Jinyijiu liquor Limited by Share Ltd general manager Fu Zhong: output is increasing by double digits, increasing sales is double digit. Moreover, the overall wine industry, including loss making enterprises accounted for less than 10%, has been fully recovered. I think this is a clear upward trend on behalf of the China economic recovery, because there is a demand that is not necessary, because the liquor consumer products, especially high-end the rise, it is caused by the incomplete market, the rise time of high-end wine and represents our place has been activated, rather than that is only several developed areas or coastal areas, but in all parts of the country, we are also economic recovery.

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