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High-end liquor performance high growth, multi brand competing prices

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       [network] China liquor July 24th, Laobaigan wine released results notice that the first half of 2017 net profit rose 90%. By the revival of liquor consumption Dongfeng, a number of liquor companies in the first half of 2017 performance prediction shows, have achieved substantial growth. At the same time, many wine enterprises use the off-season to raise prices, ready for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival and national day season.

   High growth of several companies
  As the acquisition of Laobaigan Fullink wine after the first half of the pre announcement, "report card", is expected to 2017 semi annual net profit growth of around 90%, over 45 million yuan. It is worth mentioning that, in the two quarter to achieve profitability.
  Not only is the Laobaigan wine industry to benefit from the recovery, Fenjiu, Tuopai willing, as the core of the high-end liquor Shuijingfang performance in the first half of the brisk.
  Shanxi Fen is expected in the first half of 2017, net profit grew 50%-70%, the same period in 2016 net profit of 359 million yuan, which derived from Shanxi Fen in the first half of 2017, the net profit of about 539 million yuan, -6.1 billion. Analysts pointed out that Fen Shanxi as the focus of change, the SASAC decentralization policy to the Fenjiu Group, investment plans, financial budget, personnel rights, remuneration management, 8 real power. This series of initiatives will help strengthen business autonomy and stimulate internal vitality. As the reform continues to rise, Shanxi Fen sales capacity is expected to be further improved, so that it matches the brand power.
  Tuopai willing expected the first half of 2017, net profit of 55 million yuan -6500 yuan, an increase of 137%-180%.China and Thailand Securities believes that a substantial increase in performance is because Tuopai willing to optimize the product structure and promote the gross profit margin increased significantly. Since Tianyang Tuopai group entered the company recently moves frequently, and announced plans to launch internal Tuiyang scheme, is expected for the payment of compensation within the total amount of 94 million 893 thousand and 600 yuan, the amount of accrued retirement benefits should be included in the current profits and losses of about 89 million 886 thousand and 800 yuan, higher than last year net profit Tuopai willing. The company said the move would shift the pressure to this year, reducing the company's long-term pressure.
  The liquor industry in reporting the results of pre hi have ignited the market excitement, the liquor sector leading food and beverage all sub sectors, a week or 6.75%, Shuijingfang, Shanxi Fen, Jinshiyuan and other high-end liquor week rose more than 10%.
   Prices have risen in the off-season
  In July, as the traditional off-season liquor sales, liquor prices have shown fiery situation. In July 10th, Shuijingfang issued a notice of price adjustment to the provincial total generation, product prices will rise. Among them, the main high-grade and high-grade products, and the collection of well No. eight Zhen stuffed ex factory prices were up 15 yuan / bottle, 10 yuan / bottle and 10 yuan / bottle.
  Other wine prices have also been raised in the high-end product prices. Jiannanchun by reducing the rebate, market regulation forced channel price and with the terminal retail price rise to perform very price strategy; Luzhou Lao Jiao wine cellar age also announced that from July 1st onwards will be 38 etc. all items of products the price of 10 yuan / bottle.
  Tuopai willing willing to wine price system adjustment at the beginning of this year, including all aspects of focusing channels increased prices, against dumping etc.. The Yanghe River shares will be blue sky, sky blue, the price increased 2 yuan / bottle, the dream blue series raised 10 yuan / bottle -30 yuan / bottle. Since the beginning of the end of February this year, Langjiu has 3 times the price adjustment and adjusted the core of safflower Lang, alliance business delivery price and buy Gift policy ", raising the price of products such as safflower Lang's 20 yuan / bottle -100 yuan / bottle.
  The personage inside course of study expresses, with the high-end liquor market that Moutai, Wuliangye is headed, sale price rises all the time, the price that rises for other brand wine opened space. The large area of wineries behind the price increases, and packaging materials, labor and other cost increases are directly related. China's liquor industry is known as the "off-season price" tradition, to dealers sufficient buffer period, for the upcoming Mid Autumn Festival, National Day season sale ready to write off.
  China Merchants Securities pointed out that high-end liquor prices are driven by demand improvement, the median liquor prices are enterprises to improve channel profit marketing strategy, the two are due to liquor consumption demand recovery and industry warming. In enterprises and channels have greater profit margins, the next few years of accelerated growth is worth looking forward to.

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