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      Huanggu fang tailor-made wine is the first packaging, bottle, liquor and completely independent collocation mode of the whole country, effectively solved the product packaging gorgeous, the liquor quality is not satisfactory. The quality of the wine, without the packaging that can highlight the product class, the above two common problems. It can be customized according to customers' different preferences through completely independent collocation mode.
1. What is custom wine?
       Custom wine is wine enterprises according to the specific needs of customers, from quality and image design for the customer to make out with rich individual exclusive wine style, is a kind of "one-to-one" service high quality product.
       Compared with the general use of wine, customized wine is branded with the user's style and has more personality elements and commemorative significance.
In terms of customization, there is a focus on the customization of liquor packaging, with emphasis on the customization of liquor quality, or both. Custom-made elegant and elegant custom wine.
Customers of liquor packaging can enjoy personalized wine bottle appearance, blessing language, engraving and other personalized services. Customized wine customers can enjoy personalized service such as unique wine formula and custom year. Whether it focuses on packaging customization or liquor customization, customized wine can satisfy the individual needs of customers.
2. Customized solutions:
       Semi-customized solution:
       So-called half custom is refers to can only choose now general public version of the packaging, packaging can be in local place to do some personalized customization (such as: company name, LOGO, corporate culture, name, etc.).
Order quantity: different packing, different design quantity is different, one case set!
       Full customization scheme:
       The full customization scheme is a complete solution that can be customized according to customer's needs, including packaging, bottle type, beverage, etc.
Order quantity: different packing and different liquor quality.
3. Bottle classification
     Streamlined design of a more simple atmosphere (a variety of colors to choose from)
         A. type of elliptic jingdezhen manual ceramic bottle/ceramic cover
         B. round matte varnish baking gold bottle/electroplated gold rotating cap
         C. common sticker bottle
4. Five core advantages of custom wine

       Put an end to shoddy quality
       Each a "custom" wine, from brewing to goods, all have master selection and guard a pass strictly, safeguard national level detection, is ambrosia, and from the factory direct sale to the customer, to avoid the intermediate links, put an end to drink bottles, bad, excellent quality.

       Exclusive services are available for private enjoyment
       Each a "custom wine", a "one to one" advisory docking, specialist line, from the pre-sale consulting, after-sales tracking, according to the different types of customers, provide a variety of "custom wine" solutions, products and value-added services.

       Understated luxury is not expensive
       Each "customized wine" is directly aimed at consumers, which reduces the cost of retail circulation and directly gives the customer the benefit of excellent quality and reasonable price. Help enterprises reduce public relations and sales costs. Rational consumption is twice the same.
       Tailor your strength
       For each "customized wine", we can integrate personalized elements into wine bottles and wine boxes according to the customers' wishes, consumption preferences and corporate culture characteristics, with the exclusive brand of customers. Different style, unique taste, and full of creativity.

       In-depth promotion of image
       Each "customized wine" can be served as a banquet, as well as a business gift, which can be tasted and collected. To promote brand image and demonstrate enterprise strength is a new medium for publicity and promotion, and a new choice for reciprocity.

5. personalized customization process
       1. a bottle from the set, customer first choice need to customize the product style;
       2. customers provide personalized customization elements (such as company name, name, photo, company LOGO, etc.);
       3. our company designers according to the personalized elements to design product renderings;
       4. let the customer sign the product effect chart;
       5. customer prepaid product production amount of 50% payment, arrange production, cycle according to the product style and quantity is different, usually need 10-40 days;
       6. according to the agreed place on time delivery, local customers can cash on delivery, foreign customers before delivery, you need to pay the balance, freight borne by the customer.

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