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Recruitment process:
The company issued recruitment information, collect resumes - > on the resume screening - > call / email notification qualified candidates to participate in the company's recruitment examination / interview - > (1 weeks after the interview notice) qualified candidates - > the entry formalities, notice on post internship / trial.

Franchise condition:
1. identification with company's business philosophy, a strong sense of initiative and sense of responsibility, diligence, integrity, integrity.
2. with market development ability, able to operate the market independently.
3. have better economic strength and social relations, have good reputation and good reputation.
4. can assist our company to carry out product promotion and promotion activities in this region.
5. able to achieve minimum sales target and achieve win-win situation.

Franchise prospects:
1. less investment. The start-up cost is only a few thousand dollars to be a regional sales agent, and the company assists in the development of subordinate dealers.
2. quick results. Funds can be withdrawn from the date of opening and effective use of funds will be effective.
3. low risk. Enterprises sent by special personnel for the franchisee to do market research, store location, preparatory work, promotions, publicity and so on. For franchisees to reduce entrepreneurial pressure, increase success.
4. high profits. One-stop shopping. Manufacturers - franchisees. Without any intermediate links, to ensure maximum profit.
5. low threshold. Storefront area more than 10 square metre can join in, without risk.
6. develop quickly. Fund pressure is small, join a business to be able to open a few shops at the side of fund allow side at the same time.

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