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Huanggufang product features
       My company production of "Huanggufang" Luzhou flavor and quality of sorghum as raw materials by high temperature koji as saccharification and fermentation agent, use the high quality underground mineral water, using traditional craft mud pit fermentation, the fermentation period of 60 days or so, pay attention to low temperature into the pool slowly fermentation, the fermentation process of pit mud.The fermentation cycle is long, so that it produces a large number of flavor substances, fermentation, the end of distilled liquor, quality, wine, classification, storage, and carefully adjusted. Luzhou wine has rich aroma, flavor, soft and sweet sweet taste, harmonious flavor, characteristic entrance sweet, Luo Kou Mian, long tail net etc.. Liquor in the years after storage, the longer the more mellow, the value will be higher and higher.Wine, a small amount of alcohol on the human body will have a certain sedative hypnotic cold dispelling, blood circulation and ventilation to prevent arteriosclerosis.
       The "Huanggufang" series of liquor in the packaging mainly adopts ceramic bottle and glass bottle. Ceramic wine bottles and glass bottles have many advantages in packing. First of all, ceramic bottles of high temperature resistance is very good, can reach more than 1000 degrees, which is plastic bottles and other packaging materials can not be achieved. The ceramic bottle can withstand high temperature, which is very convenient for the aseptic filling in the production process of the distillery. In addition, its high temperature resistance in the material, so that consumers are more confident of the safety of their packaging.Secondly, the ceramic wine bottle has a certain permeability, and its molecular structure has a certain pore, so that it is very easy to ventilate the liquor, which is a certain advantage for the storage of white wine. Thirdly, the ceramic bottle bottle has certain trace elements which are beneficial to human body. Under such circumstances, if the storage is carried out, these trace elements will enter into the wine, which is very good for the human body to drink. Finally, the ceramic wine bottle has many Chinese elements, which is in line with the packaging needs of liquor, and the liquor needs to highlight the traditional concept is very consistent.

Sum up as follows:
       1. The ceramic wine bottle is heated at high temperature and has high physical and chemical stability.
       2. Ceramic bottle slightly breathable and no leakage, the effects of the aging process has good ageing effect.
       3. ceramic bottle is not transparent, light chemical reaction of light wine, maintains a good quality.
       4. The ceramic wine bottle is slower than the glass bottle. It can keep the wine temperature all the time, so that the wine is not easy to deteriorate.
       5. The raw material for making ceramic wine bottle is drawn from natural mineral. It contains iron, copper, manganese, calcium and other elements, which is good for health.
       6. ceramic manufacturing exquisite workmanship, artistic forms of diversity, high collection value, can enhance the quality of the product and cultural connotations.
The main features of glass bottles are:
       Non-toxic and tasteless; transparent, beautiful and easy to store.

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